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Below is tools to help you find the perfect Metenova system for your job. You can calculate the right mixer and drive unit depending on your tank size and viscosity of your liquid, or step by step be guided to the right combination of head, post, tankplate and driveunit. Below is also a searchable techsheet database so you can find all information about a specific system och part of a system.

Vessel and Viscosity chooser

This tool helps you choose you ZG/ZGP mixer and drive unit
depending on your vessels size and the liquids viscosity

Please fill in your liquids viscosity and your tanks specifications

Viscosity (cP):

Max Working Volume :

Inner Diameter :

Liquid Height: -
Liquid Height / Id ratio: -
Recommended Size: -

How does this calculator work?

In some applications the vortex is essential, (eg. for powder incorporation). The tank shape drives vortex behaviour and when the liquid height is >1.2:1 (h/d) the vortex will appear. With a liquid height < 1:1 (h/d) vortex will not appear and recommended to avoid vortex when not desired. (eg. for foaming products).

Mixer selector

This tool helps you choose you Metenova mixer and drive unit
depending on your needs

Complete Mixer Selector

Mix Head: Male Post: Tank Plate: Drive Unit:
*= Code letter
None = Standard IP55 & IE2
D = IP66 & IE3
E = 200 V & IE3
F = IE3
H = IP66
S = SS & UL



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Find your document

This tool helps you find all documents associated with a product
for easy review and download

Choose part below for documentation Material Size Found Documents
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  • Mix head
  • Male post
  • Tankplate
  • Drive unit
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  • 316L
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  • 904L
  • C22
  • AL6XN
  • PP
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